Restoration and servicing of classic Citroen Cars: DS, SM, CHAPRON & CABRIOLET.

  • 25 years of extremely high quality workmanship renowned in classic car circles both in France and abroad.

  • Michel Boutias and his team welcome you to their recently opened brand new 700 M2 garage in Grenoble ( heart of the French Alpes ) and offer you their expert advice. We can deal with all your requests, from servicing to fully restoring your classic Citroen car.

  • We always restore cars to their original quality.

  • We are convertible Citroen DS and Chapron specialists. We have also completely restored numerous classic Citroen, Maserati and Facel Vega cars ( see links below ).

  • We are also open to any other requests on work involving other types of classic cars. Please don't hesitate to contact us by email.

  • And... don't forget, we can service or restore your car while you go skiing, hiking or swimming in our beautiful mountains!


>> Restoration of a 1968 DS 21 in pictures  Restauration Citroen par Atelier 524







>>L'Atelier 524 welcomes you

>>Some of our renovations

 >>Renovation of a DS 23 IE Pallas

>>Renovation of a MASERATI MISTRAL 1967

>>Renovation of a DS Cabriolet CHAPRON La Croisette 1963

>>Renovation of a DS 19 Majesty 1965

>>Renovation of a DS 21 Prestige 1969

>>Renovation of a SM Cabriolet LE MYLORD

>>Renovation of a SM ESPACE HEULIEZ

>>Renovation of a FACEL VEGA III

>>Renovation of a DS 21 Jaeger

>>Renovation of a DS 19 1957

>>Renovation of a convertible traction 1935

>>Renovation of a Maserati Indy engine

>>Renovation of a convertible DS 19 Caddy 1962

>>Renovation of a Citroen SM