Racing activity

  • Exclusive Workman for BOB NEYRET'S team's Citroen DS racing cars.Préparation DS CITROEN aux compétitions
  • We turnkey car rent for rallies, with or without our technical assistance package.
  • We convert standard Citroen DS cars into racing DS cars conforming to international regulation.
  • We deal with all the different stages of converting engines, chassis and bodywork. We can part convert or go the whole way.
  •  We are the exclusive supplier of all the composite bodywork parts for DS cars which allow the vehicule to be lighter and so to perform better.
  • Race assistance: we can provide a  technical assistance package including mechanical parts for the whole race and the transport of your vehicule.
  • Proven reliabilty again and again, all our cars have always made it to the finishing line: Portugal 2009, Monte Carlo 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013, Morocco 2010 & 2012, les Cévennes 2010 and Acropole 2011.



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>>Making of Atelier 524 DS Racing cars

>>2013 Classic Monte carlo Rallye

>>2012 Classic Portugal Rallye

>>2012 Classic Monte Carlo Rallye

>>2012 Classic Morocco Rallye

>>2011 Acropole Rallye